Monday, March 15, 2010

our last adventure

We are working the Sledge Hockey games, our first game was Italia v. Canada, the Canadians won 4-0. These guys are amazing athletes, it's a slower game but it is fun to watch these guys play. The second game Norway beat Sweden 2-1 in a shootout. Norway tied it up late in the third period which led to a five minute over time and the into the shoot out. On Sunday we saw Italia v. Norway, Italia drew first blood scoring in the first period. However late in the third period Norway came back with a vengeance to score 2 goals and win the game. The second game was Canada v. Sweden, where the Canadians went on to beat the Swedes in to oblivion with a score of 10 to 1. There are four other teams that we didn't get the chance to see: USA, Czech Republic, Korea, and Japan. The gold metal game is this coming Saturday.
Our daughter Lauren is along for the trip this time. Her and Ed have managed to take some pretty good shots of the action, we hope you enjoy them. On Saturday Morning I was walking around the locker room areas and one of the players from Canada said hello and introduced himself, I explained what I was doing for the games and he told me what his job was on the team. He was the one to watch, he is a banger he loved to check people and punish them. He is Raymond Grassi #21.

Now that my adventure is over I'm going to get back to my leisurely afternoons of walking my dogs.

~The Traveling Kitchen Lady, Back in the Kitchen!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One last weekend

I'm back, were going back to Canada tomorrow (March 12th) for the Paralympics. It should be lots of fun...Were doing Ice Slodge Hockey, working 2 games on Saturday and 2 game on Sunday. For the Paralympics there are 5 Events----
Cross-country skiing
Ice sledge hockey
Wheelchair curling
alpine skiing

Traveling Kitchen Lady

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well yesterday was my last working day for the Olympics. The game I worked was the woman's Bronze medal game between Sweden and Finland, well Finland got the bronze winning 3-2 in overtime. The second game of the day was for the Gold medal between Canada and the USA. Canada won 2-0 :( I'm sad that the games are over for me, but some of my team are still working games, there are 3 more games ending with the Men's GOLD MEDAL on Sunday, we are hoping the USA will bring home the GOLD..enjoy

Traveling Kitchen Lady

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday & Tuesday

One of my co travelers Lew Sellers is also writing a Blog and here is one of his stories.

KING TV Coverage of the Seattle Four

A KING TV crew met Ed and Betty Petrullo, Jay Carbon and I at gate 10 outside Canada Hockey Place between our two hockey games this afternoon. They are here to cover the Olympics and complete a story they've been doing on the four of us and our Olympic journey. They shot over 15 minutes of video but will probably only play a few seconds of it when they broadcast the story. The story is tentatively set to air on KING TV's morning show on Thursday, February 25th. The way these things work is that the Thursday showing will likely be the full feature followed by short segments over the following day or two.

So, keep an eye on KING TV channel 5 near the end of the week. You might get to see the three stooges, Lew, Ed and Jay, upstaged by Mrs. Petrullo. I view Betty as being the more interesting story here. Betty runs the kitchen at Parkwood Elementary School in the Shoreline School District and here she is in Vancouver, Canada, working hockey timing and scoring for the 2010 Winter Olympics. How unlikely is that? Who would have ever guessed the lunch lady was an ice hockey statistician?

Its what happen on Monday between games.

Tuesday we have a late game at UBC, so we have most of the day to rest.There is only 2 game left, today and tomorrow for us. semi-finals followed by quarter-finals.

enjoy the pictures

Traveling Kitchen Lady
Lew Sellers

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Sunday is a day of rest for us. But there are good games on t.v. that we are going to watch, Canada/U.S. this afternoon. The week just blinked by, we go into the Arena when the sun is shinning and come out when the stars and moon are out, and make our way home. Today was a day-off from hockey for me,I came back to the U.S. and went to Birch-bay and did some shopping.Got home in time to make dinner and watch the sunset.

Traveling Kitchen Lady

Todays game was a great game to watch
U.S.A. vs Canada

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tuesday Wednesday

Games 7 & 8 are over and another day is done. First game of the day we saw Team USA beat Finland 5 -0. The ladies are now 3 -0 and look pretty strong, they should play for the Gold medal. Game 8 we saw a pretty good game with teams that had not one a game, Russia 2 - China 1. The big news of the day was the Canada men's team got a real scare against Switzerland, Canada won in a shoot out 3 - 2. We just watched the first upset of the tournament the Russian men's team lost to Slovakia also in a shootout, but this one took 7 attempts. The Olympic format has each team gets 3 attempts, if no winner has been determined, it goes to sudden death shootout one at a time. I know its pretty late, but I hope some of you were able to watch the game. The four of us are settling in, getting used to our jobs. The problem is, we don't know what day it is, what teams we just watched or even what the score was to game we just did! It is going by so fast, we are scheduled for 15 game and we've already done 8. We are all hoping that the hockey gods will bless us with a Gold medal game, we will just have to wait and see. I've attached a few photos take today, a group tail gating prior to the USA game, the TBird statue outside the rink, and the Russian men's team arriving at UBC for practice. They dress in their locker room at CHP and they get on a bus to their practice rink. That bus must smell real nice! Good night all.

Ed & Traveling Kitchen Lady

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Special edition from Ed

We had a day off today (Sunday) We took the sky train into town and walked around downtown. Streets were full of people, all in different team colors, live bands playing everywhere. Buildings decorated. We watched Canada win their first Gold medal (Mens moguls) on TV, tomorrow is our first two game day.

Monday - Well we just got home after out first two game day. Game 1 we saw a tough Canada team win a again. Canada 10 - Swiss 1. This was my first game keeping score. What an incredible experience. I wear a headset that is connected to the Referee. I can hear everything, talking to the players, the players hollering, complaining, she gives me the goal scorer and the Penalty called, it's just awesome. I was on a cloud for 2 hours after! Game two was a close game for 2 periods, final was Sweeden 8 - Slovokia 2. I was the runner again, not much fun, but I do get to watch the game. After the period there are all kinds of stats that are kept, I deliver these reports to the teams during the intermissions. When Slovika scored their first goal, they went crazy, hope you got to see it, I was glad to see them score, remember they lost 18 -0 on Sat.
Something different also, they change the puck after a stoppage of play every 3 minutes. They keep the pucks in a little freezer in the penalty box, to keep them frozen. A warm puck will 'bounce' where a frozen will not. Also, there is a log that is kept for EVERY puck that enters/exits play. You would think they are gold the way they are tracking them. When a player scores a goal, they ask for the puck, that makes the chances of me getting one pretty slim!

Tomorrow is a big day for me, Russia vs. Latvia (Mens) I am the score keeper. Russia has one of the best players in the world, his name is Alex Ovechkin, he plays for Washington in the NHL. I pretty stoked about this one. This is my third world tournament in the last year, and this will be my first mens game. Nothing against the womens or the sledge teams, but I'm sure it will be much faster and more physical. I think thats it for tonight. You might not hear from me until Thursday. Game time tomorrow is 9:00 pm, not get home until 1:00 am ish, then get up early on wed for another two game day.

One of our crew works with the Kent Valley Hockey association, he is writing a blog and is a much better at this then I am. I used some of his notes on one of my earlier emails. If you just can't get enough Olympic info, here is the link.

Hope you enjoy
We have the late game tonight at CHP, and the early two game tomorrow!
see you on Sunday

Ed & Traveling Kitchen Lady

Lauren an Linda